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Context of intervention

il-jumellesIf you’re a potential buyer and want to be positioned so that you can take advantage of an opportunity offered by a divestment by a large company, if you want to purchase a quality site, a costly technology that you need for your industrial network….

We work alongside you to help you successfully carry out your projects, while taking into account your strategic development issues such as:

il-fleche-grise2 Acquisition of sites, a quality R&D unit, a distribution center

If you would like to acquire a quality site, acquire a specific but costly technology or a specific set of skills and take advantage of the occasion to enter into a long-term business relationship with a large company …

We have had the opportunity of helping many SME to achieve this goal and spurring their growth by assisting them with the acquisition of high-quality sites belonging to large companies that wish to divest themselves of these properties.

We support you in building your project taking into consideration the determining factors for a large company that wants to divest: the quality of your industrial project, the social and economic aspects of the operation, the corporate image critical in obtaining the support of your employees.


In the case of more “traditional” internal or external growth projects, we can also help you in your:


il-fleche-grise2 External growth operations

If you have attained the critical mass, and want to buy out a competitor…

If you want to increase your market share in a given country or are simply on the look-out for opportunities in the domestic or international market…

We identify and contact candidates for you on a confidential basis and assist you in implementing the external growth operation best suited to your development strategy and needs.

il-fleche-grise2 Setting up of an industrial presence in foreign countries

You want to set up business operations in a foreign country to increase your market share while taking into account local and regional constraints, the economic and logistics aspects of the project and, of course, the skills offered by the local workforce….

We help you in the choice of countries, geographical zones and conduct market studies adapted to your specifications.

il-fleche-grise2 Intermediation in your relationships with major contractors / Search for new customers

You want to enter into a business relationship with a large company, secure a market and your existing relationships, as a major contractor starts rationalizing its network of subcontractors….

Our excellent knowledge of large organizations allows us to introduce or strengthen your high-level business relationships and to reference you on search engines according to your own areas of expertise.

il-fleche-grise2Intermediation between unions and management to facilitate ad-hoc Win/Win solutions