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We support large companies in the carrying out all the key steps of their restructuring and reorganization projects, by offering:


  • Upstream support in defining your project strategy and in helping you find the solutions best adapted to your company’s decision, thereby facilitating their implementation with the key actors (employees, government authorities, unions and management, local and national players…);

  • The drawing up of a feasibility study to define alternative solutions, if they exist, (with their cost as well as timeframe) so as to best attain the desired goal;

  • A well–timed communications plan that takes into consideration your stakeholders’ issues to federate and obtain the support of unions and management, your employees and administrative staff, in a totally transparent process;

  • An analysis of the risks related to the carrying out of your project from a legal viewpoint, according to local practices, and put into perspective by the many cases and missions with which we have been involved … followed by an appropriate action plan;

  • A critical analysis, and often more realistic projection of the costs of your restructuring project, taking into account the reality of local practices in the countries concerned;

  • The launch of a search for buyers in the case of an industrial, R&D or logistics unit restructuring;

  • The carrying out of a site reindustrialization mission following industrial divestitures that might correspond to a potential buyer’s increase in production capacity needs. Our growing international network of SME, nurtured by the projects we carry out regularly on behalf of our customers will undoubtedly allow you to find a solution… We conduct these missions in partnership with local and national economic development players so as to ensure that they are consistent with other projects in the same area;

  • A suitable negotiation of your State/Company agreements according to your situation and the upstream solutions that you might have tried to implement;

  • A presence by your side during the delivery of the information to your HR representatives, your employees, and their specialist as well as to your key players (political, administrative…), in a totally transparent process;

  • Analysis of the social issues of your transformation project. Placing the different partners in the workplace at the heart of your negotiations;

  • Choice and implementation of an appropriate social dialogue strategy: information, consultation, dialogue, negotiation …