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Context of intervention

planeteThe most frequent contexts of intervention: after mergers & acquisitions, loss of market share, loss of patents, the advent of new technologies…

We work alongside you to make a success of your divestment project, integrating your strategic issues, whether they are economic, social, financial or political, as well as the media fall-out in sensitive situations:

il-fleche-grise2 Site closures

Your corporate strategy results in the closing of one or several industrial site(s), R&D unit(s) or distribution centers. How can you manage to implement your strategy and at the same time reconcile the diverging interests of your shareholders, employees and administration staff, as well as local constraints? Aren’t there other solutions that would allow you to meet your cost, image and timing requirements?

il-fleche-grise2 Industrial divestment in the short or mid–term

Your site is no longer attracting investments? It’s linked to a product or technology that has become obsolete? Will it no longer comply with the regulations in force in the short or mid–term and in the end have to close down?.

How can you anticipate the issue by implementing a solution that is socially and economically acceptable ?

il-fleche-grise2 Reorganization of industrial or logistics networks, R&D units…

When prepared well upstream, divestment projects are often less costly and mediatised (the solution having been found before the announcement of the restructuring plan is even made), better for the employees and the areas concerned and considerably less complicated to carry out…

il-fleche-grise2 Intermediation between unions and management to facilitate ad-hoc Win/Win solutions

Here again, if the decision is taken early and the move well-anticipated, there are efficient solutions available which can be implemented while respecting your corporate strategy. We’re there to help you.