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We also support SME/ETI in all the key steps of their development:


  • Support in your external growth strategy through the search for targets relevant to your strategy;

  • Assistance in the acquisition of industrial sites (with or without business partnership), R&D units, logistics and distribution centers;

  • Help in setting up industrial or business operations abroad;

  • Assistance with technology transfer;

  • The search for new customers through our network and our knowledge of the major contractors;

  • Help in the developing of high-level business relationships with major clients and SEO support;

  • Drawing up and implementation of a mid and long–term “B to B” Marketing strategy, highlighting of your competitive advantages, of a Customer Relationship Management strategy allowing you to gain new customers and add value to existing ones;

  • Enhancement of your brand image and your market positioning in view of boosting your visibility through your prospects or customers, build trust by increasing your credibility;

  • Recommendations of ways to efficiently and rapidly improve your “e-Reputation” so as to increase your visibility, and therefore credibility, with major contractors;

  • Monitoring of your e-Reputation. Adaptation of your communications so that they are in line with the expectations of large companies;

  • Analysis of the social issues of your project: Placing the different partners in the workplace at the heart of your negotiations;

  • Choice and implementation of an appropriate social dialogue strategy: information, consultation, dialogue, negotiation, co-development…