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After having backed major international companies in their site divestment operations in Europe (industrial, R&D, logistics) for over 15 years, In Altum Consulting’s founders, real intermediaries at the heart of the relationships between large companies and SME, have acquired the expertise and experience necessary to be able to offer efficient consulting services to companies in both worlds:

- some, on how to divest under optimal financial and social conditions;
- others, to present them with opportunities to buy out large companies across the world and to develop their business according
   to the markets or technologies they would like to acquire.

We are proud that for over 15 years, our network of dynamic international SME in Europe, the U.S. and increasingly in Asia, has allowed us to introduce the best SME projects to major companies, able to take-over – and fill – the plants they would have liked to close down, while focusing on social and financial stakes of the operation.